A Brief Overview Of Instagram and Its Importance In Business

Since Instagram was launched, it has gained popularity worldwide for its amazing features. People love it for allowing them to have fun, make memories, and share them with their friends and followers by posting on their feed and uploading stories. Moreover, it connects you with a number of people from all around the world. Sounds similar to Facebook? However, there are a few differences between these two popular social media apps. Facebook is a vast app with various features, precisely to say a comprehensive social platform. Here you can create and share content of any kind in both text and visual formats, create events, groups, etc. These days, Facebook users prefer the new trend of making memes and sharing them for entertainment.

On the other side, Instagram focuses more on visuals and enables you to create exciting and entertaining videos and beautifully edited pictures. We would say that Instagram gives you a more personalized experience by keeping your account private, unlike Facebook. In addition, it possesses different filters for editing your photos and videos. Moreover, the majority of the celebrities, fashion icons, bloggers, and public figures are also using Instagram, and it seems they are enjoying it very well.

Instagram and Marketing

When Instagram was launched in 2010, it was just a photo-video sharing app. But today, it has also become a hub of business and marketing. According to some statistics, it is observed that one billion people are using Instagram monthly. Among these active users, approx. 90% follow at least one business. After seeing the trends of hashtags, sharing stories, and trending content in the search section, many brands and entrepreneurs, turn to Instagram to develop their businesses. Furthermore, users’ obsession with amazing Instagram features played a huge role for businesses in making the most of it. Most brands also opt to buy automatic Instagram likes to trick Instagram algorithm and drive more traffic to their business accounts.

It seems like Instagram has become a global platform for brands and businesses to promote their content, products, and services.

How To Create A Business Account On Instagram?

Now, you know that Instagram can help you connect with your target consumers; you may want it to developandexpandyour business too. So, here are the basic steps you can follow to create your new Instagram Business Account.

  1. Download The App

To access all features of Instagram, you need to have the app on your mobile phone. Android users can download it via Play Store and iPhone users via App Store.

  • Register To Create New Account

Now, open the app and create your account. You can use your email address or phone number to sign up. Since Facebook now owns Instagram, you can also log in using your Facebook account. Signing up with a business email is best for you when you are intended to create a business account.

  • Provide Account Details

In the place of “Full name,” put your brand’s or company’s name because it will be displayed on your profile under the profile picture.

  • Pick Your Username

The username you choose is going to make it either easy or difficult for the users to find your business. Therefore, try to keep it simple, translating your brand, and easy to find.

Creating a business account is not enough. You also need to optimize your Instagram account and maintain your profile to engage genuine and potential buyers. From choosing your company’s logo as a profile picture to update a concise yet captivating bio, everything should rightly be done to have more engagement on your business account.

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